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Kyoho Grape Oolong

Kyoho Grape Oolong


Artisanal teas handcrafted in small batches by a Taiwanese tea master with more than 40 years of experience.

The tea leaves are picked by hand from the high mountains of Alishan, Taiwan.


This Kyoho Grape Oolong has a wonderful aroma of ripe juicy grapes balanced with the delicate flavors of high mountain Taiwanese oolong.


How are our signature oolongs made?

Find out here.


Add a drawstring gift bag or a paper gift bag.

  • Kyoho Grape Oolong

    Origin  Alishan, Taiwan

    Ingredients  Taiwanese oolong

  • Brewing Guide

    TEA 2g / 1 teaspoon
    WATER 250ml
    TIME 3-5mins
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