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Why Are Our Signature Oolongs Different?

Updated: May 19

Unlike the usual flavoured and blended teas where flavouring is added, our Signature oolongs do not come into direct contact with the essential oils at all.  When enjoying our Signature oolongs, you will often get the fruity and floral flavours on the nose while retaining the taste of the high mountain oolong.

How are our oolongs so fragrant and flavourful then?

Well, our tea maker with more than 40 years of experience, pioneered and has perfected an innovative way to infuse and scent teas.

All essential oils we use are completely natural, with no artificial components at all.

Firstly, natural essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, and herbs. For instance, the ones used for our Peach Oolong are derived from peach skins and overripe peaches.


Next, we layer the high mountain Alishan tea leaves and essential oils on separate trays within a specialised oven.

They are then slowly baked on low heat for 12 hours. This delicate process allows the tea leaves to absorb the aroma of the oils without losing their inherent qualities. The tea is left inside to cool over 5 to 7 days.


This process is then repeated 6 to 10 times for each batch, ensuring consistency and depth of flavour, resulting in a tea with a wonderful aroma while retaining the natural flavours of the oolong tea. Partly due to this unique making process, our oolongs can be re-steeped for multiple times and still retain that great delicious taste.


The journey to crafting a single batch of our Signature Oolong spans from 1½ to 2 months on average, a testament to our commitment to excellence. With every sip of our Signature Oolong, you can savour the culmination of our passion and expertise,

encapsulated in a single cup.

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