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In 2015, a trip to Taiwan sparked the beginning of Antea Social. We were given the opportunity to live the lifestyle of the natives – gathering around after meals to enjoy freshly brewed tea with loved ones. The particular tea that stuck with us was Peach Oolong. We met up with the tea maker and the rest was history.

Through our tea, we encourage you to slow down, embrace the present, brew a cuppa and partake in an experience that transcends mundane reality. Amidst all the clutter in our world today, we hope you'll find some time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.

~Catherine Douzel

Our teas

We pride ourselves on sourcing our teas directly from our tea makers and farmers, so you always get fresh teas straight off the farm. Some of them may be seasonal produce.

Our Signature Collection oolongs are unlike the usual flavoured and blended teas where flavouring is added, our signature oolongs do not come into direct contact with the essential oils at all.

Our tea maker with more than 40 years of experience, pioneered and has perfected an innovative way to infuse and scent teas. All essential oils we use are completely natural, with no artificial components.


For example, the essential oils used for our Peach Oolong, is extracted purely from peach skins and overripe peaches. Partly due to this unique making process, our oolongs can be re-steeped for multiple times and still retain that great delicious taste.

Modern tea experience, tea blends, gifting & favours

We work closely with our clients and partners to create memorable tea experiences – Tea blending bars, tasting experience and live brewing stations.


Part of our expertise is also to create beautiful and exquisite gift sets tailored to our clients' diverse budgets and specifications. From the contents to the packaging, every aspect of the gift can be fully personalised to suit individual preferences.

Our teahouse & Retail store

In 2019, we opened our first teahouse in Singapore.

In the heart of Jalan Besar, our teahouse is an invitation for you to experience our brand.

At our teahouse, we serve a wide range of artisanal teas and light bites, encouraging you to slow down and enjoy a relaxing time. Our full range of retail products are also available for purchase at our teahouse.

Enjoy free shipping with orders of $60 and above
Self Collection and Walk-in Purchase are available at 9 Tyrwhitt Road
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