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Gathering - Tasting Experience Set

Gathering - Tasting Experience Set


At Antea Social , every palatable sip of your tea is the result of our dedication to bring
you the best. Through our tea, we encourage you to pause, breathe, and fully embrace the beauty of the present.

In this carefully curated set, we gathered ten of our favorite teas, each one a testament to our passion for flavor and quality. 


We hope that you will enjoy exploring this collection, while finding time to reconnect
with yourself and your loved ones.


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  • Gathering

    A Tasting Experience Set

    10 individually packed teabags

    1 each of -

    Lychee Oolong, Kyoho Grape Oolong, Peach Oolong, Golden Pomelo Oolong, Rose Oolong, Dong Ding Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Kuki-Hojicha, Honey Orchid Black Tea, Yellow Meadows

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