Gather your colleagues for a unique team building experience creating custom blends.


We are also able to bring the workshop right to your workplace so that you can take some time off to enjoy a therapeutic session amidst busy schedules. 


Have mini friendly competitions and vote for the most delicious creation!


Assemble your band and surprise the bride with an intimate session of tea blending.

Create personalised tea blends in good company and try out each others' creations.

These parties are highly customisable and you can opt for food options to turn it into a unique high tea experience!

We promise it will be so much fun.


Delve into a magical world of herbs and flowers and learn to create a custom tea blend that is uniquely yours. 

Check here for public workshop schedules.


Private workshops can also arranged.

Great for special gatherings or a one-of-kind experience with family and friends.

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