Gift Box - A Sense of Calm

Gift Box - A Sense of Calm


Our thoughtfully made gift box - perfect for moms, but designed with everyone in mind. When we conceptualised this, we wanted something that would bring you a slice of the slow life.  


Two specially created candles, one to rejuvenate and bask in the light of a new day, and one for the peaceful quiet nights.


A customised bar soap, infused with oolong tea, to gently exfoliate and refresh the body and mind, to start a new moment on a clean slate. 


And of course, accompanied by your favorite tea, anytime of the day.


We hope this will provide some comfort, and bring you a sense of calm.

  • A Sense of Calm

    What's in the box?


    1 x Glass Tube Box 

    Choose a favorite from our Signature Collection Teas.

    Our box packaging comes with an airtight glass tube with wooden lid, with 25g of loose leaf tea.


    1 x Soy Candle

    Choose from 2 of our customised scented candles.

    A New Light - Hinoki | Yuzu | Lavender

    A Quiet Night - Black Tea | Fig | Lavender

    Soy Candles with a blend of essential oils and IFRA-certified premium fragrance oils

    No paraffin, no phthalates, no parabens

    Average Burn Time - approx. 35 hours


    1 x A Clean Slate Bar Soap

    Our customised scented bar soap.

    Geranium | Grapefruit | Oolong