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(Bundle of 2)  Foliage - Handmade Ceramic Cup

(Bundle of 2) Foliage - Handmade Ceramic Cup


Embark on a journey through 'Foliage', where the changing seasons unfold from autumn's lively greens to the comforting earthy hues of brown. As leaves change and fall, experience the fleeting yet essential transition to winter—a time of quiet reflection and promise. In this dance of nature, find the grounding warmth of change and the whispered beginnings of a new chapter. 


Explore the essence of this natural transition with our specially handmade cups. The first, a vibrant Canopy, captures the lively spirit of autumn. The second, an earthy Maple, embodies the comforting tones of the season. Bring the harmonious beauty of 'Foliage' to your moments with these unique handmade cups.


This collection is in collaboration with Weekend Worker, a local ceramic studio based in Singapore.


Add a drawstring gift bag or a paper gift bag.

  • Foliage

    Price is for 2 cups (1 colour each)

    Cup Capacity (to the brim) - estimated 300ml 

    Canopy - Green

    Maple - Brown

    *As the cups are all handmade, there is slight variance to the glaze, form and volume of each cup.

  • About Weekend Worker

    Formed in 2013, Weekend Worker is a Singapore-based ceramics studio that brings a contemporary twist to the traditional art of pottery. 

    The studio presents a versatile repertoire of activities and offerings caters to a wide array of interests - from thoughtfully designed workshops bringing an intimate dive into the ancient craft, to commissioned projects for a wide array of F&B, lifestyle retail, and government clients.

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